Revitalize a tired garden or realize your dream garden; maintain a garden or create something entirely new; reduce water bills; add protection from deer and rabbits. Schlegel landscapes can assist with all your landscaping needs.

rainwater catchment
Our Monterey bay winter rains mean something magical for people with a rainwater catchment system.   For us, each drop that hits the roof is collected for future use. Today’s rain is literally tomorrow’s tomatoes!  With the unpredictable future of water credits and use in our area, installing a rainwater catchment system sets you and your garden up for future success, no matter how costly water becomes.

Different types of systems work in different ecosystems.  What might work in Sand City (underground tanks) is nearly impossible in Carmel Valley, where above ground storage tanks make far more sense.  Tanks can easily be disguised, and instead of being an eyesore, can add beauty to your overall landscape.

artificial lawn
Lawns are the number one waste of water in our area.  If you find a large patch of green to be psychologically essential, consider an artificial turf lawn.  Gone are the days of astroturf…today’s artificial lawns come in a variety of tones and textures.  It will take your guests more than one look to realize your lawn is not real.

deer fencing
It is frustrating when your landscaping becomes an all you can eat buffet for other Monterey County inhabitants.  Installing deer fences is a quick, affordable way to protect your investment.  Fairly unnoticeable, it will not truly detract from your view, and your roses and vegetables will say thank you.


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